Liszl Hopkins Audiology provides hearing health care that focuses on counselling individuals or families on their journey of a new hearing loss diagnosis. She also helps teach coping and compensation skills to adults where a hearing loss diagnosis perhaps came later in life.

She also dispenses, manages, and rehabilitates all makes of hearing aids.

What can I expect at an appointment?

First, Liszl will take a look at whether your high, middle or low frequency hearing has been affected and to what degree. She will also try to pinpoint where the issue causing the hearing loss comes from.

Then, she will help your work out a personal solution suited to your hearing health needs, working towards healthy ear and hearing care practices.

Hearing Health Care Services


Hearing Aid & Assistant hearing device fittings

A diagnostic hearing test is needed to ascertain the candidacy for a hearing aid or an assistant hearing device. The recommendation of an appropriate device is always done in partnership with the client and decision-making regarding the possibilities is a joint venture. Real ear measurements are vital in allowing the best possible outcome for the client, and a journey of adapting to a new device is a 2-way commitment.

Hearing Aid servicing

A free same day pick-up and drop-off option in a 5km radius of the Practice is offered in the cleaning and replacement of consummables for hearing aids. All consumables like the replacement of receivers, tubing, domes, batteries, or any other accessories is charged for and available for all makes of Hearing Aids. If a part needs to be ordered or the hearing aid needs further servicing an arrangement can be made.

School Hearing Screening

This is offered to all Pre-schools in the Durbanville area. It is a quick and cost-effective way of identifying children at a young age who may have any middle ear involvement or yet to be identified permanent hearing loss. A screening test helps with identification, and any further testing is done in the Practice for purposes of describing the nature and extent of any hearing related issues that may be identified during a screening test.

Do you suspect you have hearing loss?