About Me

I have always had a passion for connecting people and connecting people to their world.

Where it all started

In 1997 I graduated with a dual qualification in Speech Therapy and Audiology and I had 1 year of marriage under my belt too. For 2 years I worked as a Speech Therapist in Claremont and Mitchell’ Plein.

At the turn of the century in February 2000 my husband and I decided to embark on an adventure and I had an opportunity to work in England to fund this adventure. There I specialized in Early years development and served the families of Grimsby in NE Lincolnshire for 3 years as a Speech Therapist. We lived a 10 minutes’ drive from the seaside village of Cleethorpes, which was mentioned by Elton John in a song.

From England we spent many weekends and holidays traveling Europe. It was a fantastic time of growth and growing up. I built up valuable experience in the field of Speech Therapy and working alongside colleagues and learning from other professionals in the field of Healthcare.

Back in South Africa....

New possibilities and new challenges

We arrived back in South Africa, Durbanville in February 2003 with a little bundle of joy, just 8 weeks old. A wonderful life in the community of Durbanville began.

For the past 18 years we raised our 3 active boys, going through the ranks of Hospital birth, Top tots, Playschool, Pre-school, Primary School and now High School in this town of plenty opportunity and rich relationships.

Along the way, I ran the newborn hearing screening program for 10 years in Durbanville and later Cape Gate Medi-Clinic. As the opportunities were afforded me, I worked as a Speech Therapist in various settings, including Schools and in Private Practice. Hearing screening of children from newborn to 6 years of age was always part of my holistic approach in the early identification of children with any ear issues or hearing loss. In this endeavour I forged many valuable relationships with Teachers, Doctors, Ear Nose and Throat Specialists, Pediatricians and parents in the Durbanville community in promoting and monitoring ear health.

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Audiology work

About 4 years ago in 2016, when time away from raising my family became available to me, I decided to pursue my passion of full-time work in the Audiology field. It was a real journey of getting back on the bicycle and learning from the amazingly experienced Audiologists around me who believed in me and generously brought me up to speed with all the latest developments in the field. I think I was more excited in bringing new knowledge and technology to my clients, than my clients were. I worked as a full-time Audiologist in the retail sector for almost 1 and a half years before deciding to pursue my own Practice in 2020. And what a year it has been…

My passion for connecting people and connecting them to their world is still there and the journey of making this possible has been amazing. My many roles as daughter, sister, wife, parent, co-professional, healthcare provider, on the receiving end as patient and friend has been my teacher in being able to relate to people in some way, and whoever they are. I believe that we all come across people’s paths for a reason and in my Audiology Practice I hope to keep being part of bringing people together through a world of sound, perhaps once lost. And also preserving a world of sound for others through hearing preservation and knowledge about our gift or hearing.