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Liszl Hopkins Audiology

Liszl Hopkins is a registered audiologist based in Proteavalley, Bellville, in the northern suburbs of Cape Town. Her audiology practice places great value on listening to people and their hearing needs, believing that a satisfied customer speaks volumes.

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Do you need a hearing test or hearing evaluation, your hearing aids fitted or serviced? We specialise in the latest hearing aid technology.

Hearing care

Learn to Hear Again

Do you have difficulty following conversations in noisy places? Always turning up the TV volume, but never able to hear? Feel like people are mumbling? Liszl Hopkins Audiology can also help with:

  • Treatment for hearing problems / impairments / disorders like  hyperacusis or tinnitus
  • Hearing aids – to be fitted for a new one, have yours cleaned or repaired, or to replace an accessory.
  • Hearing screening for all ages – including newborns and school children
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Some of the hearing services offered at Liszl Hopkins Audiology

Hearing test

An evaluation of the sensitivity of your sense of hearing, using the latest technology and techniques. Among other things, we test your hearing sensitivity at different frequencies.

Hearing Aids

Regain your hearing. We fit you for new hearing aids, clean and repair all brands and can also supply you with hearing aid accessories.

Hearing protection

Various products are available to protect hearing, including customised ‘sleep/snore’ plugs, swimming plugs and noise protection plugs of various kinds. Download a full catalogue here.



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